Paddle surf 

Even if you never stood on a SUP before, you will be amazed how easy it is and how much fun you get out of it. Come with us and enjoy this beautiful trip, along the unspoiled Eastcoast to the famous Hippie beach of Aguas Blancas.

Let us teach you how to best use the sup board and go on a 2 1/2 hour trip over crystal clear waters..... 

Learning how to use a paddle board.
Paddle into a cave
Have a refreshing shower under a small freshwaterfall while standing on your board! (especially in the beginning of summer there is still plenty of water)
Visiting a secret beach!
Enjoy and share a sangria at a beautiful hidden Chiringuito (beachbar) along the way before you paddle back.

Buy or Try
We have beautiful Sup boards. They are inflatable and once inflated they are very solid. They are light weight and easy to carry. You can also buy them and take them home. Because they are so light they are not expensive to bring home with you on the plane.


The coastline is beautiful in the north east of the island...

What is the price for this trip?
The price is € 35,- including a glas of sangria with minimum of 6 people.

I never paddled before...
Don't worry, we will show you how to do it. It is not so difficult and you will have a great time. Give it a try!

When is the best time?
In the morning and by the end of the afternoon the sea is calmest.

Can my children come along?
For children under the age of 12 we think it is better if they just rent a paddle and have fun in shallow waters.

How much is renting a board?
25,- if you return the board before 13h. or if you rent after 17h. If you rent in the morning and return after 17h the same day it is 40,- In between 13h-17h somewhere we take a break...